havent been on here in so long, but i saw nicki on the 22nd october, the best concert ive been too! she was full of energy and the songs she chose were perfect! tyga was amazing too:’)

[♫]Nicki Minaj feat. Cassie ► The Boys

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absolutely adored this interview!

can someone just give me rihannas face please that would be wonderful

I just posted 'Louis Tomlinson Songfic. PS, Im Still Not Over You.' on Wattpad!

Guys, its my first time writing a songfic, even if you dont like Louis Tomlinson, could you take a look? I used Rihanna’s Ps Im Still Not Over You for the song. Thank you xo


Drake’s in the Navy. http://bit.ly/QtXcVK

Photo http://bit.ly/SRmtwf